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Your website is the place to showcase your company online where you have complete control on what the public sees. It’s where people who are interested in your company and products can learn what you offer. Its purpose is not the same as a Facebook page. Everyone has access to see your website. Without the need to like it first or to have any form of account like in the case of Facebook.

Present your products or services in a professional way to the public and make your contact information and address available. A website can have an eshop attached where you can sell products or services online (charged extra).


Why not just have a Facebook page that is free?

Facebook is a place where you connect with an audience, people who know your brand, who are already buying from you or are just interested on your products and services. It’s not a place to sell, no one goes to Facebook to buy anything. People go there to socialize and spend their time in a pleasant way.

When people want to make an online purchase they go to a search engine and type what they are looking for. Yes, Facebook pages come up in the search results, that’s why it’s important to have a well maintained Facebook page. But pages were not made for selling. People see photos and posts are in a messed way and the interested person will not easily find what he or she is looking for and give up.

Websites are designed for selling either through an eshop or with a clear way of contacting the company to make a purchase. Stop losing customers just because it’s hard for them to buy from you online, make it easy for them and get a website designed and developed to your needs as soon as possible.


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