Websites & Eshops

Websites & Eshops


A website is the cornerstone of your business presence online. Is where you present your products, services and expertise to the public. A place that you decide how it should look and what people can see. There is no question to whether you should have a website or a social media presence, both are essential for different reasons.

Social media is a place where you keep contact with your audience, your existing clients and your potential clients. This is how their developer designed them. Your website is designed the way YOU want. Unlike social media, no one else advertises on your website. It’s a hub between all channels of your online presence and where you should send anyone interested for more information on your company, products and services.


A blog is a place on your website where you can publish articles to demonstrate your expertise on your field. Through an article you can also show how your product or service can be beneficial to a client. You may decide to explain how a product works. A blog is a great place of keeping useful content for your potential clients who want to do their market research before buying. Articles in text or even video format can be shared on your social media or you can have people seeing them through targeted ads.

Are you a writer, journalist or content creator? Then you already know a blog is what you need. It can be a part of your website or your entire website.


This is where you sell your products or services online. You can accept payments or just orders and get paid when you deliver, the choice is yours. There is no better way to take advantage of technology and save on resources than selling online. Designed to fit your needs and your customer expectations. Let’s say you run an ad giving a promotional discount. The client can redeem the promo code, pay for the product and have it delivered to his doorstep or the nearest post or courier office. Even if you don’t offer deliveries, the product can be picked up from your store. There is no limit on the combinations you can do with an eshop to keep your customer happy and save time for you company.